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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How it works...

  • What do I get for my Membership?
    Membership unlocks unlimited access to Workbrite's list of 300+ companies who hire work from home and flexible/remote workers. We are constantly searching for new opportunities. You will even find plans with "now hiring alerts" sent directly to your inbox! Go to plans & pricing
  • How do I log in?
    Logging in is easy! Go to the "Log In" tab located at the upper right corner of any page and enter your credentials.
  • Is work available worldwide?
    Yes! Many companies hire worldwide. One popular example is Amazon's Mechanical Turk, read one Redditor's post "Turking paid for my Tesla 3" to see an actual earnings report. Amazon accepts workers from 43 countries!
  • How do I know companies listed on Workbrite are real?
    We research every company to ensure they offer real work at home jobs: Companies on our list should never ask for any form of payment just to work for them. It is normal for companies to require certain equipment: a computer, high-speed internet connection, audio equipment etc.
  • Am I guaranteed a job?
    Workbrite cannot guarantee you will get a job, but here are some helpful tips: Apply with every company that you want to work for. Be willing to try different types of work. Update your resume. Make sure leads don't end up in your spam folder. Do your reseach Sherlock: If you want to work as a social media evaluator then open accounts with all the major social sites, have at least 100 connections on each platform before you start filling out applications. Companies like Appen may ask detailed questions about your social meda accounts.
  • Am I allowed to talk about companies on discussion forums?
    Workbrite highly discourages members from talking publicly about some of the companies we list. Tips: Review each company's “non-disclosure” policy and terms. Most of the time, it’s okay to talk about the general task, but it’s probably never okay to mention the name of the client.
  • How much money can I make?
    How much money you make depends upon you! There is no real limit to how much you can make. A lot companies have hard limits of 20 hours per week for each project. Many people who are looking to make a full time income work for a few different companies.
  • How often are new companies added?
    We are constantly searching for new companies! Companies are added after they have been through a thorough vetting process. We take feedback from our members seriously and have removed companies because of member complaints.
  • Will I be an Employee or an Independent Contractor?
    You could be either or both! It just depends upon the needs of each employer.
  • How many job categories are there?
    35 Categories from Date Entry to Data Science - we've got it covered! Categories in our database: ​ Art Build a Business Business Chat Support Clinical Trials Courthouse Researchers Crowd-sourcing Customer Service Data Entry & Collection Data Science Education Field Work Graphic Design Healthy Living Human Resources Information Technology Marketing Medical Micro-work Miscellaneous Moderators Mystery Shopping Photography Reservations Search Engine Evaluator Social Media Evaluator Surveys Tech Support Transcription Transcription - Medical Translation Virtual Assistant Web Developer Website Tester Writing ​
  • How do I upgrade or cancel my Membership?
    Managing your Membership is easy! Simply head over to the contact page and make a selection: I want to upgrade my membership I want to cancel my membership Don't forget to press submit!











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