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How Workbrite
got started

Workbrite started because a personal project turned into a mission.

About Workbrite

The Beginning


A lot of people want to make extra money online, but it can be extremely difficult to find the right companies. It was this quest that gave our founder the idea for Workbrite.


At age 41, our founder needed to bring in some extra money. She heard some hype about work-at-home companies and went online to check them out. She spent hours and hours searching for opportunities. After sifting through discussion boards and doing hundreds of Google searches, she found a few promising websites, but the competition was overwhelming and it was difficult to find more than 5 hours of work per week.


In an attempt to find other options, she went back to the to discussion boards and started asking people for help. Where is the work … how is everyone able to support themselves while doing only online tasks? After a few posts, she started getting private messages, and people were asking her to stop. They weren't going to share because they didn't want any competition. Everyone was suggesting the same companies over and over because they were hiding the real opportunities. This made it much harder for beginners to find jobs. 


It took some time, but eventually she found the key. Hundreds of companies posted small tasks on crowd sourcing site and when the workers did well, they got private invitations to apply directly to these companies. This was the big break! As she continued to get private requests, she needed to keep it all organized, so she created a list of companies and labeled it by category. Within the space of one year, she managed to collect a list of hundreds of companies in 35 categories. 

The Team


Our founder thought no one should have to put in as much work and effort as she did. With her list in hand, she found a team to help her create a membership website that's simple, fast, and affordable. Workbrite offers a simple solution. Members get access to over 300 companies who hire work from home and independent contractors.


Our simple format makes Workbrite a natural choice for beginners.

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