Tips for Building a Top-Performing Remote Sales and Marketing Team

The success of your small business depends a lot on the people you hire. From customer service agents to social media managers, your business can benefit from a wide variety of experienced professionals. People who can help you reach your sales and marketing goals are invaluable to your business—and there is just so much great talent out there! Workbrite wants to see your business maximize its potential, so don’t limit yourself to candidates in your local area. Take advantage of the worldwide talent pool by building a remote sales and marketing team to take your business to the top. Here are some hiring strategies to help you get started. Outline Your Requirements Start by getting clear on the requirements you’re looking for. Remember that marketing professionals aren’t the only people who can boost your sales! For example, freelance HTML5 developers can help you set up an attractive and influential website to increase conversions and make the most of your marketing dollars. In addition to the specific professional skills you’re looking for, outline the character traits and general skills that will make your freelancers a good fit for your team. Markel notes flexibility, time management, and staying motivated are key characteristics to look for in your outside hires. Try to limit your search to people who have experience working in a remote position or freelance role. These individuals should already have experience accepting constructive criticism, meeting deadlines, and communicating clearly. Know Where to Look Finding remote workers or freelancers tends to be easier than looking for local talent. Online job boards like Workbrite are typically the best place to start since these will let you filter your search based on the industry that you’re looking to hire in. You can also base your search on the scope of the project (e.g., short-term or long-term). You can also scour social media for candidates, but this takes a bit more time, and there’s no guarantee that the professionals you come across are available for work. MaRS recommends networking as a cost-effective way to compete with larger organizations for candidates to find people who are not currently searching for a job. Develop a Solid Interview Once you've found a couple of good applicants, put them through some kind of interview or testing process. This is important for finding out whether they'd be a good fit for your team. Ask in-depth questions about their level of expertise and the kinds of results you can expect from their work. You also need the technology for smoothly streaming, professional video calls; you can pick up an up-to-date laptop on a seasonal sale if need be. If you want to give your candidates a paid test project, keep it short. Asking too much of your applicants can scare them away and cost you some great talent! It’s a good rule of thumb to ensure your applicants can complete the test project in the same amount of time it would take them to prepare for an interview. Follow Best Practices Be forewarned, the best candidates for both freelance and permanent staff tend to be in higher demand. That means you also need to make a stellar impression to land them, so select your interview questions thoughtfully and take steps to present your company in the best possible light. To ensure the best results and to protect your company, avoid inappropriate interview questions. Brush up on what conversational subjects are taboo, which Business News Daily notes are things like people’s age, health history and sexual preferences. Another essential step is to ensure your company is to set it up as an LLC. This is an effective measure that separates and protects your personal assets from those of your business’s. This also means having the technology for smoothly streaming, professional video calls, even if that requires you to pick up an up-to-date laptop on a seasonal sale. It can take time to find outside hires that are a good fit for your small business. Don’t compromise or settle for candidates that you aren’t sure about. The very best workers will have the skills and drive to help your company reach your sales and marketing goals—without a lot of handholding on your part. When it’s time to start looking for remote workers, connect with Workbrite!

Chelsea Lamb |