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What is Sigtrack

Sigtrack is a database application that links grassroots campaigns with crowdsourced data entry freelancers.

System Requirements

Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, MacOS 10.13, or MacOS 10.14high speed internet

Types of Work - Tagging Signatures

Tagging means marking a signature line with whether the person who signed is a hard, soft or non match against the voter database, which voter they are if a match, and any deficiency codes if they didn’t fill out their signature right.

Tag every line that has some information, and always skip blank or crossed out lines.


Selecting Jobs

After logging into Sigtrack, you will see a list of jobs per client. Each job has its own pay rate. Click on the job name to start working. Forms will automatically load via your web browser. Almost all forms are petitions.

Specs Job specs vary by state and sometimes by petition. There are some common rules that we call the default specs. Then, each state has its own list of special rules that deviate from the default. Learn the default specs and then read the state specs for whatever job you are working on.