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  • Online Researchers – Freelance, part-time, contract, nationwide opportunity. Flexible hours. The pay is $35 per hour.

  • Virtual Receptionist – Remote, part-time, The compensation is $10 per hour. Apply by sending an inquiry to

  • Career Grader – Remote, contract position. You will provide feedback to students enrolled in Thinkful's program. The hours are 2-4 hours per day. Must have prior knowledge of Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Salary unknown.

  • English Linguistics Annotator – Part-time, remote, work from home opportunity. Must have some teaching & writing experience. Workers must be available at least 20 hours per week. Salary unknown.

  • Research Analysts/Writer - Remote, full-time, open to anyone in the United States. Must have strong technical/business writing skills along with a Bachelor's degree.

  • Recipe Writers/Editors - Remote, bachelor's degree in English required. Salary unknown.

  • Guest Service Specialists - Remote, flexible hours, anywhere in the United States. Must have at least 2 years of customer service experience.

  • Customer Success Advocate - Remote, full-time opportunity. Answer calls and assists customers with Cashapp. The position starts in October. The starting salary is nearly $21 per hour.

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