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At Allegis Transcription, we believe in fair and accurate outcomes. Our work is focused in the insurance and legal industries where our commitment to high quality really makes an impact.

From insurance claims to legal hearings, since 1996 our transcription team has delivered the unparalleled product our customers trust for the just conclusions of their work.

Allegis offers our team of independent contract transcriptionists 24/7 access to insurance work through an online work portal, a robust community network, ongoing feedback and support, and competitive per page pay rates.

In exchange for this, Allegis requires a 100-page weekly minimum and the ability to consistently meet quality assurance standards.

Job Description

At Allegis Transcription, we believe in fair and accurate outcomes. Our work as a national leader in transcription is focused within the insurance and legal industries where our transcriptionists’ commitment to high quality really makes an impact.  

Allegis provides great work-from-home opportunities that are flexible, well-paid and suited for diverse types and levels of experience. Our contracts work well for experienced transcriptionists interested in transitioning to, or continuing in legal work, as well as for folks with legal industry experience who want to apply this knowledge to a career in transcription.

The primary requirement for this work is swift keyboarding skills and the aptitude to translate recorded audio into written documents following particular quality standards. Candidates must successfully complete an initial (paid) quality development period in order to qualify for independent work.

Allegis is a good fit if you:

Have experience in court reporting, legal transcription, a legal background (paralegal, legal assistant), or general/medical transcription experience

Type at least 75 WPM or 120 steno

Have a great ear and ability to discern what people are saying in challenging situations

Can self-study, follow instructions and meet deadlines

Respond well to feedback and coaching

Are a self-proclaimed perfectionist with great attention to detail.

Allegis provides: One-on-one coaching available to help with QA standards and system use

Transparent QA feedback

Specialized work allowing for focus and increased speed

Weekly pay via direct deposit

A robust transcription Community Network with group discussion and transcription resources.

Additional Position Requirements: 

Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills

Willingness to adopt specific formatting standards

Provide responsive and proactive communication during onboarding and coaching

Proficient computing skills, including the use and maintenance of hardware and software

Availability to interact with coaches during business hours (7:30 am – 3:30 pm PST) during initial quality development period (~2 weeks depending upon experience level)Ability to meet deadlines and complete 2-3 hours of work per day during quality development

Ability to successfully complete the initial quality development program

Have a Microsoft operating system, a full version of Word, ExpressScribe software, USB foot pedal, and a headset

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